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05:45pm 13/06/2006
mood: grateful
[At tha beach soakin up the sun'
...Vistors welcome]

I moved to lewes from up north because up north sucks. Had to get away from all the shit that was bringing me down. I'm so much happier down here. Paul and Travis also made the move. Travis brought a friend, Cory, he's cool. It was Matt's birthday yesterday. I miss him so much. Everything is working out for the better now, I have to admitt. Finally apologized to my aunt and uncle today for all the shit I did to them in March. I still have to go to court for it. Court and Bobby are coming down sometime this week...yay!...up north friends. The only thing that's hard on me being down here, is being away from my closest friends. My birthday is in 9 days. I'm gonna be ridin dirrty! Going back up to Newark this weekend so I can get more of my shit since I found where I'm going to be staying now. While I'm up there I'm going to the Italian Festival with Court n Steph. Hope I don't see any wild apes running at me...lol steph.

Waiting for trav and jesse to come and get me.
05:39pm 02/08/2005
mood: working
been awhile since i updated. dave's in the hsptl, had open heart surgery and died 3 times. tonight i'm tryin to beat someone in the head....we need a scanner.

Dior had 4 kittens....who wants one?
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you live with the bottle, it's just the way it is   
06:57pm 10/11/2004
mood: crushed
so today's me and matt's one year...

...so where is he?
03:15pm 08/11/2004
  Ten years ago, I
1. went to jennie smith
2. had an afro
3. had chicken pox

Five years ago, I:
1. was in 8th grade
2. went out with zach
3. smoked my first bowl

One year ago, I:
1. i met matt
2. got busted for having the party at stephs
3. i was high

So far this year, I:
1. got all good grades
2. get more fucked
3. learned to trust no one

Yesterday, I:
1. chilled at jags
2. saw johnny
3. took a walk with matt at valley gardens

Today, I:
1. will look forward to smoking a z-blunt with ray and matt
2. laughed at everyone that actually mismatched their clothes
3. wait forever until matt gets off work

Tomorrow, I will:
1. leave early with steph
2. crack amanda in her face if she don't have $100
3. visit my mom-mom

In one year, I will:
1. have my own place, hopefully
2. have a job
3. have my license

In five years, I will:
1. be with matt
2. go to a bar and drink beers
3. have a good job
it's been a long time   
03:05pm 08/11/2004
mood: loved
Wednesday marks a year for me and Matt. I'm so excited! I'm so happy to be with him still, he's the best boyfriend ever. I love you baby *muah*
07:36pm 22/08/2004
mood: blank

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got a new baby kitty...it's a boy and it's all white with one blue eye and one green eye. we named it denali
08:59pm 29/07/2004
mood: mellow
went to steph's yesterday and spent the night. plans got screwed over tonight with steph, court, alex, and john so i'm just gonna chill with matt and smoke up. thinking about going to visit bobby in jail. my chest always hurts now it gets tight and everything.
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07:53pm 21/07/2004
mood: hungry

Just got done swimming with Matt.

when is my stephie comin back? =(

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03:22pm 06/07/2004
  StashCreamHoney: whats your favorite game to play
Bad News Kevin: find the trouser snake
StashCreamHoney: does that end in blood?
Bad News Kevin: if she's a virgin it does
i see right through your words.   
02:51pm 06/07/2004
mood: gloomy
...well, what do you know? mom fucks up once again.

it takes a while for it to catch up, but once it does, it sucks.
Higher than the heights of what we often know.   
03:02pm 15/06/2004
mood: determined
When will we learn . . . ?

When will we change . . . ?

. . . Just in time to see it all fall down.
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09:38pm 11/06/2004


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Yo Stoner....check it out.   
11:57am 07/06/2004
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10:26am 07/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
School's over! .... and all the bullshit that goes with it. Thank God. I wasn't sure about how much longer I'd be able to make it in that hell hole.
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09:45am 03/06/2004
mood: anxious

Half day today. I think Steph is coming home with me and then we're supposed to chill with Adam. Rosie got in another accident this morning.

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07:59am 01/06/2004
mood: tired
hurry the fuck up june 8th
10:45am 27/05/2004
mood: sick
I've been sick the past two days so I haven't been in school. I really wanted to go today so I could get the group picture and the one that me and matt took. Steph has them for me. Aww, I feel so bad for her. She might get suspended again for cutting Mr. Cylc's class. Stay in school bitch! So Adam, AJ n Sully's brother imed me this morning...how he got my sn I don't know. Why he said I imed him last week, I don't know. Soembody must be using my sn, b/c I haven't seen this boy since September and there's no way I could've known his sn. Oh well...Tomorrow's Friday! I'm supposed to chill with the other Adam on Saturday. I don't know when though b/c his team (St. Marks) made it to playoffs.
12:12pm 25/05/2004
mood: hyper
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06:38am 25/05/2004
mood: cheerful
Kevin Stoner doesn't smoke anymore. What is this world coming to?

anyways, my hair's back to being curly! it looks good today. matt's supposed to come over after work. steph's coming back to school today from her suspension. i'm hungry.
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summer's almost here   
08:10pm 24/05/2004
mood: okay
Obixgator: aw how beautiful
Obixgator: ur so hot

haha, drew thinks im beautiful...thas my boy!

school's over on june 8th. finals start on the 3rd.
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